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Even if there are many persons that tell you that men have an easier life, it is not true if you look at statistics. Just let’s take into analysis two points, life expectancy and suicidal rates. Life expectancy is much lower in males than females in all countries of the world. Furthermore, even it is not talked a lot about suicidal rates, men’s suicidal rates are much higher than women’s. These and many other are caused by a much more stressful life that a man has to pass through, like military transition, wars, men from underprivileged communities and so on.

Blue & Tan Knit Bowtie

Cal Anderson, a US Army veteran, understands these issues that men pass through, and he created a Mens online clothing store, because he wanted these men that this hard transition, to have a smoother and be accepted in the society. Clothes are what makes a man a man. If you look at a homeless person, you will notice first his rugged clothes, his ripped pants, long hair and the dirt. Even though he may be a good and normal person deep in the heart, you cannot see that, because you only see the appearances. So, Cal created a company called Anderson & Company especially for men in hard transitions. For example, if you are looking for civilian career help, you may not need a psychologist or social care professional, but a good looking knit tie from Anderson & Company. The Knit Bowties, cotton nectkies, knit neckties are all made of high quality textile. Furthermore, they look like they are not out of the typical Men’s clothe shops, because they are knitted. The ties come in different sizes to fit everyone out there. These gives them a warmer look. It is like wearing a sweater from the granny, and when someone does that, he is seen as a kind, warm and trustworthy person. These characteristics will definitely help you get the job you are applying or being accepted more easily in the society. If you want to see the full list of products, you can go to the Acumen Menswear shopping website, and don’t forget, if your order is over $50, you will not have to pay anything for the shipping fees.

The artisan look of menswear from Anderson & Company, will definitely help you get accepted more easily in the society, and this in turn, will improve your self-confidence and the rate of transition from one career to another.