Wearing Bustier or Corset

Improve Your Silhouette Wearing Bustier or Corset!

If you are considering the possibilities of how to improve your body shape without the exhaustive trainings and diets, then you should certainly take into account such smart types of clothes as bustiers and corsets. These types of wear were invented and widely used in olden days as the items of women’s undergarment, which were intended to create a perfect body shape, pushing up the bust and making the waist slimmer. Bustiers and corsets were worn under the luxurious dresses with cutaway shoulders, creating a sexy and seductive image due to the exaggerated contrast between bust and waist.

Nowadays we can find a great diversity of bustiers and corsets. They are made of different fabrics and beautifully decorated with embroidery, laces, lurex and even Swarovski stones. However, now bustiers and corsets are worn not only as a kind of lingerie, but as outwear too. For instance, chick corsets could be used like a detail of an evening dress, while the bustiers could be a perfect alternative for the tops.

But what is the difference between bustiers and corsets? Lots of people are really confused while considering these two similar items of women’s outfit. So, corsets are usually provided by a heavier construction than bustiers, since the corsets’ main purpose is to tighten the waist and then to push up the busts. For this reason corsets are usually made of strong fabric, covering the body from busts to hips. Also you can find corsets, which are top-less, i.e. only intended to pull in the torso. In contrast, bustiers are made of light fabric and cover the body from busts to waist. They are created to supply the bust with an excellent figure.

As a kind of underwear, bustiers and corsets could be worn in ensemble with garter belts and stockings. The modern designers of lingerie create the fantastic images using these items of undergarment. For example, the American lingerie manufacturer Victoria’s Secret gained the world popularity due to the spectacular performances of glamorous undergarment, including beautiful bustiers and corsets, demonstrated by the famous top models. These Victoria’s Secret fashion shows inspire lots of women all over the world to purchase chic lingerie, designed to emphasize the most attractive parts of women body. For this reason, I highly recommend to every woman, to purchase a bustier or a corset for her wardrobe that could be used to improve her body shape as well as to raise her self-confidence.

Wear bustiers and corsets to create a romantic and sexy style, enjoying an amazing evening with your man, or to provide the desired silhouette under the dress without shoulder-straps, going to a party, or perhaps to produce an elegant image wearing a blouse or a suit, being at work. Remember that with bustiers and corsets it is much easier to look slender and graceful!